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C-ring Underwear-New Population Of Gay Men Fashion

Mar 03,2022 | Alphus Underwear

The popularity of C-ring underwear is more common than you think. C-ring underwear can make your cock look stronger, so many men start to wear them. It is easy to misunderstand C-ring underwear as a "dick ring". It's like talking about rubber or plastic or metal rings to prevent blood from flowing to the penis. It is used for medical purposes, such as erectile dysfunction or not. However, in terms of entertainment, a penis ring is worn during sexual intercourse to prolong the erection time.

However, we are not talking about "dick ring". We are talking about gay erotic underwear like C-ring underwear. The C-rings are made of elastic materials, which are widely used in the measurement. It has a round inner diameter that can accurately measure the size of your penis.

C-ring Underwear-New Population Of Gay Men Fashion             C-ring Underwear-New Population Of Gay Men Fashion

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What is C-ring underwear?

The shape and orientation of the male penis are very suitable for C-ring underwear. It puts the penis and testicles slightly upward and away from the center of the crotch, protruding in front of the clothes you are wearing, effectively increasing the length without compressing the testicles. In ordinary underwear, the testicles are usually sandwiched between the legs.

In most men’s thong, the inner front pocket looks like a unique pocket. On the C-ring underwear, the C-ring is attached to the front pocket, sticking to your penis and fixing your testicles in place. Therefore, the C-ring is very comfortable, and the testicles will not feel itchy or tingling due to friction. This is an upgraded version of sexy gay male thong or gay jockstrap.

Elastic materials such as nylon, rubber, leather, etc., can be selected as the material for making C-ring underwear. Some C-rings jockstrap have adjustable straps that can be wrapped around the roots of the penis and testicles. After tying them together, you can adjust the tightness.


Things you need to pay attention to.

Wearing this sexy gay male underwear for the first time may encounter some trouble. It all depends on how you dress and your size. Nonetheless, everyone who is obsessed with men's enhanced underwear should know this.

1.Don't dress too tightly

If you think that the tighter the C-ring strap, the better then you are wrong! The C-ring belt, whether it is leather, nylon or rubber, must be close to the skin. If it is too tight and it feels a little itchy or uncomfortable, you still wear it. This may cause the insufficient blood supply to your penis, and if it is too tight, it can also cause swelling and itching. This kind of sexy jocks is only worn for enhancement purposes, which is to make your crotch look bigger, rounder, and more well-proportioned.

2.Don't wear it for too long

This is one of the main (and unavoidable) shortcomings of C-ring underwear. They can’t be worn for hours. The body part that touches the C-ring starts to feel uncomfortable if it is worn for too long. Although the selected size is relatively loose. At this time, it is best to take off the C-ring underwear and put on more spacious and lighter underwear such as a loose boxer brief.

The C-ring will slightly improve the shape and size. When wearing it, you may not encounter any conflict or resistance, but you must admit that you have C-ring tights around your pelvis. The C-ring is normally a bit tight, but it shouldn't be too tight, it should naturally support your organs. If you feel organ numbness or discomfort after wearing it, it means that blood circulation has been affected, and it is best not to wear it.


Now tell you how to wear it.

  1. Just like ordinary underwear, after passing both legs through the leg holes, you must pull them up. Please choose a larger size if you feel that the fit is too tight when you pull it up.
  2. After the underwear is worn, there is no need to put on the C ring. Pass your penis through the strap and park it near the base. Pull the strap gently until it wraps tightly but firmly around your genitals.
  3. If you feel some tingling sensation, loosen the strap slightly until the tingling sensation disappears. The tingling sensation is suitable for men who are looking for stimulation, they are for prolonging erection during sexual intercourse, etc.
  4. This is not fitting pair of underwear. You will have to constantly adjust the strap according to how you feel. The material of the underwear may shrink or stretch as you pull or loosen the shoulder straps. this is normal.
  5. C-ring underwear are made of sturdy material. So it will not tear or stretch too easily. Therefore, don't mind the material when loosening the strap.


Believe me, if you choose the right size, it will make you look more temperamental. Of course, I think that physical health is the first priority. The pursuit of size is just to satisfy the taste, just appropriate.


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