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Search the best material for underwear

Mar 03,2022 | Alphus Underwear

How to choose underwear? The answer is that there are many factors for consideration, such as the material, elasticity and so on. In this article, we introduce some of the commonly used materials for men's underwear: pure cotton, modal, quick-drying fabrics, respiratory fibers and chemical fibers. There is no absolute standard for the quality of various materials. You can choose according to personal preference.

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Pure cotton: 100% cotton is the most commonly used underwear, and it has a breathable effect. Usually used on thong. The disadvantage of pure cotton is that when sweating or washing, people will feel uncomfortable because of its poor water absorption. it will feel sticky and itchy and easy to smell when sweating too much.


Modal: Modal and cotton are both made of cellulose fibers, but modal is a type of man-made semi-synthetic fiber. It has good breathability and elasticity. Underwear made of this material can be wrinkle free without washing for more than one year; it also has anti-static effects. The disadvantage is that it is too soft and thin, and has poor support for muscles. Some brief is made of cotton and modal blended material, which feels much more comfortable.


Quick drying: This kind of underwear is made of polyester, nylon and elastic fiber material and so on. Usually used on boxer brief and swimwear. The advantage is that it can be washed at high temperatures without deformation or shrinkage; the disadvantage is its poor breathability, so do not wear too long when you exercise in.


Lycra: Lycra is also known as spandex, which has high elasticity and good breathability. Underwear such as boxer brief and jockstrap that made of this material can play a better role in muscle support; it is available for men's bodybuilding underwear or exercise sports wear. The disadvantage is that the fabric itself feels very stretched to wear on the skin, causing discomfort because of its roughness.


Chemical fiber: This underwear fabric is usually a cotton yarn coated with a special material to increase elasticity and water absorption, which has the effect of preventing body odor. The disadvantage is that it may cause skin irritation because there are many chemicals on the surface of this kind of fabric, especially if people have sensitive skin or allergies.


Respiratory fiber: Made of microfiber material, respiratory fiber has good moisture absorption and evaporation. Underwear made of this kind of fabric can reduce the temperature in the crotch area by 25 degrees Celsius so that men are more comfortable during sleep. The disadvantage is its poor water resistance; it will feel wet when you sweat too much or washing with water.


The purpose of this article is to raise your awareness about underwear materials so as to make a choice when buying next time. In conclusion, the material of men's underwear is a personal preference that depends on individual physical features and usage habits. But for good health, I suggest not to choose chemical fiber, the best choice is pure cotton and modal. What do you think?

Little tips about underwear maintainance:

- Try not to mix with other clothes when washing. Especially your jockstrap. Hand wash with warm water, try not to use washing machine. Most delicate clothes are washed like this.

- When washing, avoid using bleach, fabric softeners or laundry boosters as they may damage your underwear.

- Avoid high heat for drying, it can cause shrinkage or even ruin the material of your favorite brief and boxer brief! Use low temperature instead.


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